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Now taking applications to become a guardian for Scootz.

Scootz is a F1b labradoodle with a flat coat. She is still very low shedding and super soft.  She is 2 1/2 years old. Scootz loves attention and is very submissive. She is McCoveys granddaughter. 

We are moving in a direction that will include guardian homes and

believe she will benefit from being in a guardian home. 

She will be bred on her next heat cycle and for the next 2 heats after that. Breeding females generally go into season every 6 months. We will house the female for a week or so while the honeymooning/breeding takes place. Then again we will house the dog for one week before puppies are born until the puppies are 8 weeks old. Then mama Scootz will go back to her guardian home until the next cycle. 

Guardian home must be willing to check for signs of heat cycles and communicate to us, allow us to house the dog during breeding and whelping times, and willing to deliver or meet up locally for breedings and whelping puppies.

Feel free to reach out for more info. 

Free Labradoodle/ Guardian home Labradoodle Flat Coat
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