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Whelping Puppies

Updated: Nov 15, 2018

We had puppies Saturday night. Well technically we had puppies Sunday morning at 1:00am. Fun times! It was definitely an exciting way to wake up from a heavy sleep! Nine...our amazing dam Pozey had nine beautiful, perfect puppies!

This was our first litter so us being total rookies made me nervous. But It all came out grand! We awoke to Pozey yelping and a baby boy had already been born by the time we got to her. He was still in the sack so we helped Po-zoe (Pozey's nickname) get the creamed colored handsome guy out. By the time he

was out she was birthing another. I was a wreck emotionally! All these thoughts of what if...But Pozey is such a good mama she had it all covered! Honestly, she was pro! I was the rookie.

On and on she went. An average of 20 minutes in between puppies, lasting from 1am to 3:45am. By puppy number four she was relaxed and

nursing while whelping the rest of her litter. (It took me an hour after delivery to relax at all!) She nursed, licked/cleaned, warmed, and loved on them each naturally as they needed. A mother's work is never done. She finally got to take a nap around 6:30 am. Wheew.

All nine puppies are healthy and growing. I weighed them each soon after birth and they are gaining weight rapidly. They all love to dog pile in, cuddling while nursing. They already seem like typical siblings fighting over the prefered nipple on Mommy's tummy. First born boy is a typical big bro, Always claiming his favorite spot first.

We needed a way to tell them apart and refer to them individually. The theme of picking matching names always seemed fun to us. So was it going to be Friends theme? Baseball teams? Seasonings? Colors? We needed to decide (and quick before the kids woke up and felt like offering their opinions.) So naturally we went with Soda. We have Coke, Coke Zero, Dr. Pepper, Root Beer, Sprite, Sierra Mist, Squirt, Mountain Dew, Crush. My husband hates Pepsi so that was fun to torture him for a bit about naming one of the puppies Pepsi. (Sorry Pepsi!) (Also, this is not sponsored....Yet! Coke, give us a call!) I'm Thirsty now. You too?

Here we are day two, and I'm ready from a full night's sleep! If only i could leave their side for a second maybe that'd happen. For now both Pozey mama and I will have baggy dark circles under our eyes for the love of these brand new adorable puppies. (Who by the way are ready for their fur-ever homes January 6th 2019!) If only I hid the dark circles as well as Pozey does!

Cheers to newborn F1b labradoodle puppies!

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