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Why We Started Goin' Doodles 

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We spent years trying to find the right breed of dog to fit in our family. After careful consideration we found our Labradoodles, Pozey, McCovey and Lincy. Pozey is so loving, sweet and so smart. She is an amazing addition to our family.  McCovey is a quick study, full of energy and adorably cute.Both Pozey and McCovey are F1 (first generation) labradoodles. Lincy is a F1b doodle and daughter to Pozey. She is a cuddle bug and just stinkin' adorable.

 Goin' Doodles of Sacramento believes that labradoodles are the best breed for a family atmosphere. We want to offer other families the same opportunity to experience the unconditional, lifetime of love and joy that comes from a doodle.  Goin' Doodles understands the special bond between pets and their owners, and we want to encourage that kind of love for everyone. 

F2b litter

February/March 2021

Wait list:

Pick #1 - Reserved

Pick #2 - Reserved

Pick #3 - Reserved

Pick #4 - Reserved

Pick #5 - Reserved

McCovey - The Stud

 This is McCovey. He is a wonderful first generation F1 labradoodle (F1 means 50% poodle 50% lab.) . He is the funny and energetic type, but still sweet and loving. He is very sociable with both other dogs and humans. He weighs 75 pounds.

Lincy - The Dame

Lincy is a calm and adorable  She is smart and loves to explore. Lincy loves to play fetch with any ball. She is very friendly with all humans and fur friends.  She weighs 50 pounds. Lincy is a F1b labradoodle (75% poodle 25% lab)


From Evelyn: "This puppy is so fun!" "The head tilts kill me!" 

From Bob: "My groomer asked me to tell you that Bella is one of the best doodles he's ever met. He see lots of them but bella is amazing. Five Stars!"

From Mick: "He's living a great life. Tell your kids he's very happy. Thank you for a great dog!"

From Ann: "Harley is doing great. She is so easy going. She is such a sweetie. She loves to be brushed so she looks like a giant cotton ball! We love her to death."

From Pamela: "I think we won the puppy lottery with Charley! He loves that back yard and he is so gosh darn smart and easy going. Did I mention how spoiled he is?" 


Pricing varies based on breed, color, hair texture, and gender.
Approximate pricing ($2000-$2500)



Goin' Doodles


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